To The Next Stage

A Spirit of Accepting Any Challenge is The Key to Future Success

The electrical and electronic equipment industry is experiencing a rapid technological revolution.
Technical progress occurs at a tremendous rate. We see this, for example, in production of PCs and portable telephones, where miniaturization, lighter weights and superior functions have generated equipment that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Flexible printed wiring boards play a crucial role in achieving superior compactness and superior functions. Toyo Seimitsu Kiko relies on design and production of high-precision dies and tools to make a lasting contribution to the flexible printed wiring boards industry. Another example is quick die change method, dies employing lightweight, compact, high precision TSS DISET of our own design. Accurately grasping the needs of our customers, we make maximum use of CAD/CAM and other leading-edge electronic instruments in the design and processing stage to respond accurately to more sophisticated demands. You can find Toyo Seimitsu Kiko’s spirit of accepting and challenge in the many fine products manufactured from at our facilities.


Precision dies used to be an area where seasoned technicians could show their prowess. But with more complex industry demands and shorter deadlines, we need a team of experts who can unite the most advanced skills throughout the company. For only in quickly and accurately grasping trends in leading-edge processing technology and introducing the very latest production equipment can we respond appropriately to more sophisticated customer needs. Toyo Seimitsu Kiko has introduced the most advanced production equipment and diversified automation systems to achieve faster die fabrication with less manpower. It’s our way of responding quickly and accurately to customer needs. Three dimensional measurement machines allow the most thorough checks of individual finishing’s to achieve quality control in micro-units. Here lies the key to answering ever more sophisticated customer needs. Toyo Seimitsu Kiko pledges itself to delivering highest quality dies with the most advanced production systems.