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Company Profile

True Quality will Determine The Next stage

These are times of incredibly swift change. We live in an age of global competition where leading-edge information technology and electronics technology play crucial roles.
Although we experience greater comfort in our individual lives, in the economic world we encounter severe competition where survival is of the utmost. All of industry faces the question of how to respond to latest developments.

Since its founding, Toyo Seimitsu Kiko has developed operations with the focus on die fabrication for printed wiring boards and other electronic parts. Thanks to our constant emphasis on creativity and individuality, our dies enjoy an outstanding reputation for precision, reliability and ease-of-use. Our rationalized production methods, making use of leading edge electronic instruments, not to mention CAD/CAM systems and information systems, realize shortest delivery times and maximum customer satisfaction.

How can we best transmit to coming generations the technical know-how and experience we’ve amassed since our inception? In this new age of unprecedented competition, Toyo Seimitsu Kiko moves to expand its range of activities. In the electronic instrument field, where ever greater miniaturization and precision is the order of the day, we plan more demanding evaluation standards for our dies as we achieve a major transformation of consciousness. We’ll be moving away from the traditional image of die fabrication that relies on seasoned craftsmen. Our new ideal is a group of technical experts employing the most advanced information equipment.

All our employees will be stepping up efforts to meet the needs of the age and our customers in this time of increasing diversification. We hope we can count on your continued support and encouragement in come.

Kazunori Numao
Executive President